crown-reductionA more extensive and aggressive form of pruning, crown reduction services are meant to reduce the weight and size of potentially dangerous tree limbs. Crown reductions can also be completed to balance the look of a misshapen tree following a bad storm or a bad pruning job that has grown out disproportionately.

Crown reductions also prevent trees from obstructing buildings and properties and help to prevent trees from interfering with telephone and power cables.

Crown reductions aim to make strategized cuts to foliage back to the outer edge of the newest, smallest canopy, this way pruning cuts are less evident when you stand back and observe the work. Crown reducing is much more favoured by arborists when customers want to reduce the height of their trees, rather than topping.

Crown reductions place the tree under stress, because of the cuts required – reductions typically exceed the natural boundary that a thinning cut would observe. This means decay can spread quickly, so crown reductions are performed with great care, and only when public or homeowner safety is compromised by overbearing limbs.