hedgingHedging consists of tapering and rejuvenating that unsightly row of cedars, sumacs or elms into an aesthetically pleasing thing of beauty. Think of hedging as a buzz-cut for your shrubs and hedges!

Hedging helps to shape and clip your hedges into functional barriers for yard privacy, or can turn your existing hedges into a work of art by manicuring them into a fun design or shape. Hedging can help to encourage thickness and growth, and therefore, makeshift fencing as well.

This is typically done by electric shears, or good ol’ fashioned hand clippers, taking care to not clip the foliage back too far to encourage consistent growth in the right areas.

When hedging is done properly, this can coax the shrub or bush in question to fill out, making the inner structure resistant to adverse weather conditions, adds strength, and ensures that growth can return to consistently help maintain the shape and appeal of a nicely manicured landscape on your property.

Hedging helps to represent the epitome of going that ‘extra mile’ to ensure that you get to stand back and look at your property each day and say ‘whoa, this is all mine!’ It’s a small job that we take pride in to make sure you’re satisfied with our work – it’s our way of saying thanks!