homepage-stump-grindingAfter your tree has been cut down, there’s always a large stump left over. Depending on the wishes of the homeowner and the extent of the tree species root system, a stump can be ground away to eliminate the need to dig and remove these roots.

Stump grinding is completed by a modern piece of equipment that uses a powerful motor and a rotating cutting disc to clip and grind away wood. These machines can be as small as a lawn-mower, or as large as a truck – all depending on the type of wood being ground down, or the size of the tree in question. Larger hardwood tree applications benefit from the use of a larger stump grinder.

We grind down the stump to ground level and leave the underground root system intact. This practice comes in very handy when you’re looking to begin a new backyard construction project, or begin a new raised planting bed in the place of the old tree.

Because stump grinding means the root system is left intact, you may wish to take advantage of stump removal, wherein we dig down to liberate the stumps larger roots from the rest of the larger system. We then use a truck, tractor or a crane to remove the stump entirely from the ground, leaving you with a clean slate to pursue other property improvements in its place.

Many people end up admiring the shape and appeal of these stumps and root systems, and some even choose to use them as property ornaments, showing off their natural subterranean beauty as garden additions, or even garden backdrops.