Many of us have a beautiful old tree on our properties that we would love to see flourish, but the fact is, limbs may be beginning to rot, and we end up constantly worrying about the safety of our kids, pets, and standing structures in our yards. As a last resort, your best bet may be to simply remove the tree altogether.

Our tree removal process starts by completing a thorough walk-around so we can listen to your concerns and address them by suggesting the best practices of where and how to fell the tree. As the old saying goes: the bigger they are, the harder they fall – we understand this, so there’s some strategic thinking that goes into removing a tree from a cramped or space-sensitive property.

Our certified climbers begin by removing branches from the upper canopy to reduce the footprint of the tree when it is felled. This reduces the likelihood that deadwood will splinter and shoot out from the prescribed impact site, and helps to minimize any potential damage to your nearby garage, home, pool, or gardens.

From here, we can accurately drop the tree in place, and begin to process the tree for removal by cutting larger limbs from the main trunk. These pieces can be taken away and disposed of by us, or left for you to become valuable firewood. Often times, our stump grinding services are also employed when removing trees for a fresh, tidy yard.